Antique Double Scrap Sheet with Angels in a Star

Angels in Hearts M&S 30710

Vintage Sheet with 6 Angels

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Angels by H&S

Large Angel with Lyre by L&B 2766

Angels L&B 30172


Angel with Christ Child

Angel by L&B 30279 a

Little Winter Angels by L&B 33261

Angel L&B 30279 b

Large Angel Wings


Large Angel L&B 2708

Angels by Radicke

Angels by Z&M 1178

Angels in a Star L&B 3739

Angel Scrap for Ginger Bread

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70 Small Angel Heads by L&B

Angel Heads A&M


Angels Making Music L&B 3358

Angels' A Merry Christmas ' L&B 30959

Angels by Z&M III

Pairs of Angels with Christmas Trees L&B 31609


Kneeling Angels

Cupids L&B 30724