Silver Ornaments

Antique Large Indent Ornament with 'Crown'

Heart Shaped Ornament in a Wire Star

Antique Silver Ornaments with Daisies

Antique Egg Shaped Ornament with Grooves

Antique Silver Bell with Diamond Pattern

Vintage Flower with Star

Antique Silver Ornament with Flowers

Antique Pear with Venetian Dew

Vintage Cone with Diamonds

Antique Silver Ornament Heart Shaped

Antique Silver Basket with Fruits

Antique Silver Bell

Vintage Heart with Clover and Mushrooms

Heart with Flowers

Twisted Silver Cone

Large Antique Ornament with a Nice Embossing

Vintage Silver Fir Tree

Little Silver Bell

Vintage Fir Tree

Silver Bell with Candle and Fir Branch