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Wedding Scenes

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Now Only

Antique Large Scrap 'Lady with a Red Hat'

Large Fairy in a Flower II

Large Fairy in a Flower I

Large Sheet with Clowns by M.P. No. 814

Couples in Frames by L&B

Large Baby Faces by L&B 2873 L&B 2873

Chimney Sweeper L&B 2933

Heads of Babies L&B 30804


Children Heads L&B 33383

Large Hunter Heads by L&B 30829

Hunter Heads M&S 30831

Heads of Soldiers L&B 2969

Little Children Heads L&B 2967

Couples of Kids L&B 33471

Children Heads with Oriental Hats

Paper Dolls by Raphael Tuck No. 907

Kids with Nightcaps

Communion Boys by L&B 3102

Heads of Men and Women L&B 30354


Two ' Flapper Girls ' by G. & K. H.

Children with Doves L&B 32217

Dutch Kids by H&S 20763

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