Wax Angel

Antique Baby Jesus Made of Wax

Flying Angel Made of Wax

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Antique Wax Angel


Early Lantern with Embossed Windows Made of Gelatine

Cone Dwarf

Antique Scissors with Cherubs, 800 Silver

Lucky Charms in Sterling Silver

Snowbaby on a Sleigh, Made of Bisque Porcelaine

Antique Snowbaby with Sleigh

10 Christmas Cards ' Snowmen '

10 Christmas Cards

9 Christmas Cards 'Antique Christmas Ornaments'

Little Christmas Paper Bag

Vintage Folding Box with Kids and Snowman

Now Only

Folding Box for Ginger Bread with Hansel & Gretel

Now Only

Old Twisted Hangers Made of Wire

Chimney Sweeper as a Lucky Charm