New Offerings

Antique Cotillon Medal

Antique School Boy Making a Snowball Fight


Antique Large Paper Ornament

Antique Cotton Clown with Umbrella

Antique Sebnitz Ornament

Antique Tin Rosette

Antique Rare Candle Clip in Shape of a Fighter Plane


Antique Candle Clip 'Santa with Fir Tree'

Antique Cotton Angel


Antique Ornament with Rose in the Indent

Antique Winter Child with Scates of Lead


Antique Cotton Child with a Ball

Antique Glass Icicle with Orange Thread

Antique Big Joey Clown

Antique Dresden Santa ' Depose Fürth '

Antique Lithopgraühed Candle Clip

Antique Heart with Roses

Antique Stork Made of Milk Glass

Antique Heubach Cotton Girl on a Sledge

Antique, Large Bell with Child Scene


Antique Clown's Head Made of Glass

Vintage Mill Covered with Mica

Antique Cotton Santa