New Offerings

Antique Cotillon Medal with Iron Cross

Vintage Candy Container with Angels and Snow Flakes

Antique Cotton Dwarf Made by Heubach


Antique Sebnitz Star

Antique, Patriotic Spunglass Ornament with Emperor Wilhelm II and Iron Cross

Patriotisches Original aus der Zeit um 1914

Äußerst rar!

Antique Glass Ornament with Peacock

Bird Parents on a Nest with Baby Birds


Antique Sebnitz Cotton Basket

Antique Fish

Antique Cotton Angel

Antique Easter Egg XXL Candy Container

Antique Chocolate Mold in Shape of a Witch's House with Hansel & Gretel

Nr. 9308 by Walter Berlin

50 Sticker 'Snow Kid with Muff'

Antique Candle Clip 'Star with Angel'

Vintage Cotton Basket with Chicken and Eggs

Antique Lithographed Candle Holder with Love Birds

Antique Candle Clip with Lithographed Butterfly

Antique Candle Clip ' Christmas Tree with Star '

Vintage, Long Christmas Tree Garland with Shaped Beads

67 "

Antique Mandolin with Bird Motif as Candy Container

Weihnachtszeit ( noch original eingeschweißt )


Antique Victoirian Game

Antique Deer Made of Composition under a Toadstool

Antique Glass Ornament with Peacock

Art-Glas! Sehr rar!